Christmas Bureau

A Collaborative Effort of:

The Union County Department of Social Services
H.O.P.E. for the Christmas Bureau of Union County
Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots
Council on Aging
Union County Goodfellows
The Union County Health Department
The Salvation Army

Volunteers are also needed for various tasks during October through December. If you are able to help, you may reach the Union County Volunteer Services Coordinator at 704-296-4312 or  register online .  
Financial Donations:

With the generous support of many in our community, the Union County Christmas Bureau made Christmas a Stuffed Bearspecial time for 8001 individuals in 2010.

The monies received were used to purchase toys, gift certificates, and food for families to enjoy over the holiday season.

To the single working parent struggling to provide their children with a Merry Christmas, you've helped lift part of the burden off their shoulders. For the many of Union County's less fortunate children, the donations we received let them experience the joy and warmth of the Christmas Season that every child deserves.

Your donation helps ensure that everyone can experience the warmth and joys of Christmas. To make a donation please contact Gloria Haney at 704-296-4312 or stop by if you would like to make a financial contribution.

Food Drive Sponsorship:
More than 2,000 families apply for Christmas assistance each year. Many of those are adopted by other groups or Cans and Boxes of Foodbusinesses and they receive their food and gifts items directly from the donors. Of the remaining families that do not get adopted, they will come to the Christmas Bureau to select their gifts and receive a box of food for their family.
In 2010 through donations and food drives by local schools, businesses and organizations the Union County Christmas Bureau was able to provide a box of food for more than 300 families which had applied to receive Christmas assistance. 
It will take the efforts of many groups to provide enough food for our families this year. If your group or business would like to sponsor a food drive, please contact the Gloria Haney at  704-296-4312.  Thank you!
Gift Tree Sponsorship:

Churches, business, and other organizations sponsor Gift Trees for us each year. Our goal is to be able to placeGift Tree every child that applies for assistance on a gift tree somewhere in our county.

During the 2010 Christmas season, 68 gift trees throughout the county provided 1,215 children and adults with Christmas gifts. These gifts were donated by individuals, families, and businesses. 
If your church, business, or group would like to sponsor a gift tree:
  • Call Gloria Haney at 704-296-4312
Sponsor a Family:

There are over 2,100 families that will apply for Christmas assistance. Our families are as small as single parent homes with one child and as large as two parents and up to 12 children. There is a family that is just waiting to hear from a sponsor that would love to help them make their children’s Christmas holiday just a little brighter.

To sponsor a family, you can call Gloria Haney at 704-296-4312.

The first step in sponsoring a family is determining what size family you would like to sponsor. This depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend in order to make a family’s Christmas brighter.
We ask that you provide one new clothing outfit per child and at least two toys for each child. For the family, you will need to provide food for their Christmas dinner. You can do this by purchasing the food yourself, or by purchasing a grocery store gift card so that they can do their own shopping.
Stocking Sponsorship:
The perfect complement for a child’s Christmas gifts would be a stocking filled with small toys and goodies just for Christmas Stockingthem. Our organization can provide empty stockings to you, your group, or organization, and you can fill those stockings to make a smile light up a child’s face.
After you have filled the stocking with items for a specific age child, we ask that you complete the label we will provide to you with the gender and age that is most appropriate for the items you have included in the stocking. Then, you bring your beautifully filled stockings to the Christmas Bureau before the distribution dates so that our volunteers can be sure to give a stocking to every child that receives assistance from the Christmas Bureau.
If you are interested in filling up a stocking, please contact Gloria Haney at 704-296-4312.
Toy Donations:
Stuffed Teddy BearWith the generous support of the community, the Union County Christmas Bureau is able to provide Christmas presents to approximately 2800 children each year. These children range in ages from newborn to those still attending high school. Without your generosity, they would have nothing to look forward to on Christmas morning.
The Central Carolinas Det. 914 Marine Corps League sponsors the annual Toys for Tots drive in Union County. All of the toys collected at the barrels throughout the county are brought to the Christmas Bureau for distribution. 
Additional donations of new toys are needed from the community to help provide at least 2 toys to every child that comes to the Christmas Bureau for assistance.
Each year the Christmas Bureau must rely on hundreds of individual, group, and family volunteers to help us meet Volunteer for the Christmas Bureauthe needs of serving the families that apply to receive Christmas assistance. 
Our volunteers are very important to the success of our program and we rely on them to help in many ways. Our volunteers perform basic office tasks, accept donations at our location, match clients and donors, schedule other volunteers, and sort toys or food for gifts. During the distribution, our volunteers will organize the gift tree items for scheduled pickup.

If you would like to volunteer with us during the Christmas season, please register online to sign up for one or more shifts!
Wish List
          Adult art supplies
          Adult backpacks
          Electronic games
          Footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs and bat
          Board games
          Hair accessories
          Hair Dryers, Staighteners          
          Bicycles – all sizes
          New Board Games
          Electronic Games 
          New and gently used books for infants through teenage.
          Hats & Gloves – girls and boys – all sizes
          Shirts, Jeans, Skirts – all sizes

Union County
Department of Social Services
Gloria Haney, CAVNC
Volunteer Services Coordinator
Telephone: (704) 296-4312

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