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Union County Public Works (UCPW) provides water supply, wastewater treatment, solid waste management, and facilities management services to the unincorporated areas and many of the incorporated areas of Union County. UCPW is the water and wastewater utility service provider to all of the municipalities in Union with the exception of Monroe, Marshville, and Wingate.  UCPW has nearly 120 employees and a total operating budget of approximately $33 million which is primarily funded through rates and fees charged for services. UCPW receives only a small portion of revenue from the tax supported general fund for the Facilities Management Division.

January 4, 2017, Monroe, NC – Ed Goscicki, Executive Director of Union County Public Works, has been elected President of the North Carolina Water Quality Association (NCWQA). He will serve a one-year term, beginning January 2017. read more

November 22, 2016, Monroe, NC – Union County Public Works (UCPW) commemorated the official "topping out" for the new Human Services building on Friday, November 18. The "topping out” marked the conclusion of the main structural work of the 144,000-square-foot project, which is scheduled to be completed and ready for occupancy by February 2018read more

November 16, 2016, Monroe, NC – Union County is bringing the buzz back to its Solid Waste Management Facility. Union County’s Cooperative Extension, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works Division of Solid Waste partnered with the Union County Master Gardeners and Union County Bee Keepers Association to plant bee-friendly clover over sections of the Union County landfill in an effort to support the declining pollinator populationread more

November 8, 2016, Monroe, NC – Due to dry weather conditions and above average temperatures, County Manager Cindy Coto has declared a Stage 1 Water Shortage for Union County. As a result, Union County is requesting its residents reduce non-essential water use to help restore the County’s water supply to safe and healthy levelsread more

October 3, 2016, Monroe, NC – Union County’s drinking water is certifiably excellent. The Catawba River Water Treatment Plant (CRWTP), which provides the majority of the County’s water supply, has been honored for surpassing federal and state drinking water standards.The CRWTP was recognized by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control for achieving the 2015 Area-Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) water quality goals. While all systems have to meet strict state and federal drinking water standards, AWOP establishes performance goals that are significantly more stringent. read more

September 20, 2016, Monroe, NC - Lake Tillery has become a topic of conversation among several residents in Montgomery, Stanley and Union Counties. With the latest discussion of Union County’s request to the state to use water from Lake Tillery as a drinking water supply for their residents, many near the lake are wondering how much more can Lake Tillery give? read more

July 19, 2016, Monroe, NC - Union County Public Works announced it has selected the company for the construction of the Catawba River Water Treatment Plant (CRWTP) reservoir. The County has awarded the contract to Philips & Jordan, Inc. in the amount of $34,502,303.00. read more

July 19, 2016, Monroe, NC - Union County Public Works announced it has selected the construction company for the expansion of the Twelve Mile Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. The County has awarded the contract to Adams Robinson Enterprises, Inc. in the amount of $36,673,000.00, which is the County’s largest capital improvement project in the last two decades. read more

April 25, 2016, Monroe, NC - Union County began a new chapter in its history today. Local officials joined together to celebrate the groundbreaking of the County’s new Human Services building. read more

March 22, 2016, Monroe, NC - Union County Public Works announced it has selected the construction company for the replacement and improvement of the headworks system at the Crooked Creek Water Reclamation Facility. The County has awarded the contract to M.B. Kahn, which is set to begin construction in May 2016. read more

March 1, 2016, Monroe, NC - Union County began clearing land today to make way for its new Human Services Building. read more

January 5, 2016, Monroe, NC -  Union County Public Works is excited to announce a milestone in the progress of the County’s new Human Services building. The County has awarded the construction contract to Monteith Construction Company, which is set to break ground in spring 2016. read more.

December 22, 2015, Monroe, NC - We are excited to share our Union County Public Works annual report. Please click here to read about our progress and accomplishments from FY 2015.

December 1, 2015, Monroe, NC - Due to drought recovery, Stage 1 Water Restrictions are no longer in place for Union County Water Customers. Customers can return to Normal Use as of December 1, 2015. Please remember, customers are still required to limit spray irrigation to a maximum of 3 days per week, as assigned by billing cycle. More information and irrigation schedules can be found in the “Water Shortage Response Plan, located on the Union County Public Works website at Please contact Customer Service at 704-296-4210 with any questions. UCPW thanks everyone for their cooperation and allowing us to extend our valuable water resources.

December 1, 2015, Monroe, NC - Union County Public Works scored podium finishes in the Operations Challenge and Pipe Tapping Contests at the 95th Annual North Carolina American Water Works Association Water Environment Association Conference in Raleigh. read more.

August 28, 2015 - County Manager Cindy Coto has declared a Stage 3 water shortage for the Union County water distribution system due to a small fuel spill in the Catawba River this morning. The location of the spill was upstream of the Catawba River Water Treatment Plant, which supplies the majority of Union County water more.

May 4, 2015 - BOCC Approves Updated Irrigation more 

May 4, 2015 - The Board of County Commissioners approved a new Water Use Ordinance and Water Shortage Response Plan.  The Water Use Ordinance maintains and protects the public health, safety and welfare by establishing long-term demand management strategies to effectively manage a limited resource by requiring efficient and responsible use of water within Union County. The Ordinance also establishes measurements and procedures for reducing potable water use during times of water shortage resulting from drought, capacity limitations, and system emergencies.  To learn more about the Water Use Ordinance and Water Shortage Response Plan click here and here.



Edward Goscicki, PE
Executive Director

Andy Neff, PE
Water & Wastewater Division Director

Scott Huneycutt, PE
Engineering Division Director

Shelley Maness
Business Operations Division Director

Ronald Gilkerson
Environmental Management & Facilities Division Director

Aubrey Lofton, PE
Planning & Resource Management Division Director

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