In effort to protect public health, and to responsibly develop the groundwater resources of Union County, the Union County Health Department, Environmental Health Division has implemented a program for the permitting, inspection, and water quality analysis for all new private drinking water wells and irrigation wells.  This program shall adhere to all regulations set forth in 15A NCAC 02C .0300, and the Union County Health Department Regulations Governing the Permitting, Construction, Inspection, Repair, Abandonment, and Water Quality Testing of Irrigation Wells in Union County.

Well Permit

A well permit is required for:  Private drinking wells, Irrigation wells, Water producing geothermal wells, and Well repairs*. 

To obtain a well permit:

  • An Application and site plan including:   property line dimensions, structures, pools, septic systems, and other potential sources of contamination listed on  the application form, must be submitted to the Environmental Health office.
  • A field visit to the property shall occur.
  • The permit shall be prepared using the site plan.  It will have a scaled drawing of the property indicating the location of all potential sources of contamination and setbacks.  The well may be located anywhere outside of the setback area(s).
  • A $480 permit fee is due when the permit is picked up at the Environmental Health office.

 *No fee is required for a well repair permit.

Any well application for a parcel which is served by public sewer or water shall be reviewed by Union County Public Works.  All wells applied for in the City of Monroe shall have approval from the Monroe Water Resources Department.  This generally increases the permit preparation time by seven days or longer. 


Water Quality Testing

How to apply for water quality sample:  Complete a Request Form and mail appropriate fee(s) to the Environmental Health Office.  Sampling is generally scheduled within five working days.  

        Available Water Quality Test:

        Bacteria                   $60                         Nitrate/Nitrite      $75

        Iron Bacteria           $60                         Sulfur Bacteria   $70

        Inorganic                 $115                       Pesticide             $110

        Herbicide                $110                        Petroleum           $105

        *Inorganic test kit   $60  (Inorganic test kit  must be picked up at Environmental Health Office)



Bacteria test results will be mailed to you. 

If you would like to view or print a copy of your water sample test results (non-bacterial), please visit the North Carolina Laboratory of Public Health website for; Inorganic/Nitrates Results ,  Petroleum/Pesticides Results.   Scroll down the page and click on inorganic or organic sample test results, enter Union County Environmental Health under counties, and follow directions.


For information regarding contaminants and minerals in your drinking water, please visit the EPA’s website.

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