Planning is involved in several programs that influence the quality of growth and public services in Union County. These programs include long-range planning and current planning. Long-range planning involves demographic data collection: population's growth, economic and social indicators, both within and outside Union County. Ultimately, these indicators are assembled into a report and policy document entitled Land Development Plan, Union County North Carolina. This document, developed by the planning staff and Planning Board and adopted by the County Commissioners, serves as the overall growth policy guide that governs where major zoning districts should be delineated; it also is used as a guide for making recommendations about individual rezoning petitions.


  • The 14-county greater Charlotte Region is planning its future.  For those of you who live or work in this region, please visit the site and weigh in!  We want your input.  Please click the link below to take a survey that will help define development in the region for years to come.

Brian Matthews, Executive Director
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Richard Black, Division Director
500 N. Main St, Suite 70
Monroe, NC 28112
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