Items accepted FREE of charge at Landfill and all 6 collection sites:

  • Aluminum and Steel Cans - Includes beer/soft drink cans and food cans.  Must be rinsed.  These items can be mixed together for disposal.
  • Glass - Includes clear, brown and green bottles and jars.  Must be either food or beverage type glass.  Glass must be rinsed out with lid removed.
  • Plastic Containers - Check the triangle mark on the bottom of the container, if it has a numeral 1 thru 7 inside it, then it will be acceptable.  Examples include drink bottles, HDPE (#2), milk and water jugs. Liquid detergent, shampoo, and conditioner bottles are other examples.  All containers must be rinsed with the lid removed.
  • Corrugated Cardboard -  must be flattened.
  • Mixed Paper - Newspapers, inserts, magazines, hard or soft back books, catalogs, computer paper, chipboard (cereal & other laminated boxes) & phone books are acceptable. 
  • Motor Oil & Transmission Fluid - Maximum of five (5) gallons each.  Must be poured into specified container.
  • Oil Filters - must be out of package.

Items accepted FREE of charge at Landfill only:  

  • Antifreeze - Maximum of five (5) gallons. Must be poured into specified container.  Must not be mixed with any other substance (except water).
  • White Goods & Non-Ferrous Metals - Household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, hot water heaters, washers, and dryers.  Appliances must be empty of all contents. Non-ferrous metals includes such items as bicycles, swing sets, grills, and tin roofing.
  • Batteries - car batteries only.
  • Tires - must be separated from all other materials for disposal, must be removed from the rim and stacked by the individual properly in tire trailer.  Five or fewer tires are accepted free of charge.  For more than five tires, please call (704) 296-4213 to ensure trailer space for unloading and for details on cost.
  • Electronics-click on eWaste to learn more about where to recycle electronics.

If you have any questions regarding acceptable items please call the Recycling Office at (704) 296-4213 or the Landfill at (704) 233-5334.


For further information on recycling visit the following web sites:

These websites also contain some great activities for children!

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If you need additional information please call 704-296-4213.

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Hours of Operation

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