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Union County, North Carolina

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Procurement & Contract Management

Procurement & Contract Management

Our mission is to provide exceptional service to both internal clients and external customers while adding value to the overall success of Union County. We seek to be good stewards of our citizens’ tax dollars and work to facilitate a fair, open and competitive bidding process while ensuring Union County abides by all State statues, local policies and other applicable laws.

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Contact Information

Cheryl Wright, CPPO, CLGPO
Division Director, Procurement
500 N. Main St., Ste 709
Monroe, NC 28112

Phone: 704-283-3563
Fax: 704-225-0664

Contract Specialist

Trina Horne
Phone: 704-292-2562

Procurement Specialists

Erin DeBerardinis
Phone: 704-283-3683

David Shaul
Phone: 704-283-3601

Administrative Secretary

Laura Webb

Phone: 704-283-3886