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Union County, North Carolina

Bond Feasibility Study


Bond Feasibility Study

Date Issued: 06/20/16

Date Due: 07/22/16

Union County, North Carolina (“the County”) is seeking proposals from consultants for a Bond Feasibility Study/Report in connection with the County’s planned issuance of water and sewer revenue bonds. It is anticipated the County will issue approximately $76 million in Enterprise Systems Revenue Bonds (the “Bonds”) during the spring of 2017 to finance various project costs related to its water and wastewater system (the “System”). The System is currently rated Aa1 by Moody’s, AA by Standard & Poor’s and AA by Fitch. The System’s last bond issue was $22.955 million of revenue bonds in November of 2015. The bond feasibility report will be included in the Official Statement of the Series 2017 bonds.