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Union County, North Carolina

Catawba River Water Treatment Plant Facility Master Plan

RFQ 2016-045CR

Catawba River Water Treatment Plant Facility Master Plan

Date Issued: 04/20/16

Date Due: 05/12/16

CRWSP is seeking Statements of Qualifications for professional engineering services to develop a master plan for the Catawba River Water Treatment Plant (CRWTP), to meet the needs of each entity through a 30 year planning horizon for the Plant. The selected firm will be required to review the existing capacity of CRWTP, determine appropriate treatment technologies and potential phasing of infrastructure to be employed in any facility improvement, to meet projected water quality standards and determine the capacity needs of each entity from CRWTP for the next 30 years and the resultant water treatment plant capacity requirements. Selected firm shall analyze and provide recommendations, using projected capacity needs provided by Union and LCWSD and appropriate treatment technologies, of a property site study ensuring the potential needs can be placed on the current property footprint adequately for the 30 year period. The consultant will develop appropriate strategies for the entities to meet their projected capacity needs within the limits of existing IBT limitations imposed by both North and South Carolina and the ability of each entity to draw upon water supply for alternative sources pursuant to wholesale agreements with other suppliers and to share capacity between them to minimize capital improvements and optimize the use of existing and proposed facilities. The select firm may also be requested, at the sole option of the CRWSP Board, to provide engineering service for the design and construction of the initial phase of improvements identified in the plan, provided this firm has demonstrated competence and qualification for design and construction of improvements to a water plant such as that of CRWSP at the time of the firm’s submittal of services pursuant to this RFQ. At this time the CRWSP has not made any determination as to the project delivery method(s) that will be employed in the implementation of the Master Plan recommendations. The CRWSP Board reserves the right to terminate these services with the completion of the Master Plan, or if deemed to be in the best interest of CRWSP, extend the services to include traditional design and construction services or programmatic services for alternative project delivery as may be agreed to by the Engineer and CRWSP to implement the initial improvements identified in the plan.