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Union County, North Carolina

Delivery & Retrieval of Voting Equipment


Delivery & Retrieval of Voting Equipment

Date Issued: 07/14/15

Date Due: 07/14/15

Union County, North Carolina (hereinafter, “County”) is seeking proposals from qualified firms (hereinafter “Proposer” or “Contractor”, used interchangeably) to provide the delivery of voting equipment to Voting Precincts before scheduled elections and the retrieval of voting equipment after elections. The anticipated election schedule consists of five (5) elections with up to eight (8) movements during 2015-2016 with deliveries to as few as six (6) voting sites or as many as fifty-two (52) sites, depending on the election type. Union County intends to award a contract to the vendor whose solution most closely meets the requirements defined in this RFP. The vendor's ability to provide the required equipment, meet scheduled deadlines, and service levels expected are critical factors in the selection process.