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Union County, North Carolina

Domestic WaterLine Replacement, UC Gov't Center


Domestic WaterLine Replacement, UC Gov't Center

Date Issued: 02/18/16

Date Due: 02/18/16

SCOPE OF WORK Domestic Water Line Replacement @ the Union County Government Center Replace the existing 4” galvanized domestic water line from its entrance into the building on the Ground Floor to the chase and up to the Third Floor. The work shall be bid based on the attached drawing from McKnight, Smith, Ward, & Griffin Engineers, dated 7-24-15. The intent of this project is to route the new 4” copper piping parallel to the existing 4” galvanized piping so that the existing pipe remains in service during installation of the new pipe. Isolation valves shall be provided and installed as shown on the drawings. The switchover, from the old pipe to the newly installed pipe shall be done over a preapproved weekend or holiday. After the switchover is complete and the new pipe is operational, tested and cleared for public domestic water use, the existing galvanized pipe shall be removed and disposed of properly. The ceiling tiles, walls, etc. that are damaged or removed during the project, shall be replaced with similar materials of the same quality or repaired to the former condition prior to acceptance by UCPW Facilities. The contractor shall provide documentation to UCPW Facilities that the piping has been tested and cleared for public domestic water use. All scheduling for this project shall be approved by UCPW Facilities. The plumbing contractor shall be the prime contractor and shall use a general contractor as a subcontractor for repair of ceilings, walls, floors, etc. All permits and inspections required for this project are the responsibility of the plumbing contractor. All contractors on this project shall be licensed to do this type of work in North Carolina. All work and materials used shall be in accordance with North Carolina, Union County and the City of Monroe Building Codes and requirements. The drawings will be available on request. Contact the Procurement representative listed on the cover of the bid document to request the drawings. The contractor shall provide a construction schedule for the installation, demolition and switchover of the system with his/her bid. All work, except the switchover, can be done during regular business hours