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Union County, North Carolina

RFQ 2017-029 Miscellaneous Professional Services

RFQ 2017-029

RFQ 2017-029 Miscellaneous Professional Services

Date Issued: 01/13/17

Date Due: 02/13/17

Pursuant to G.S. 143-64.31, the Union County Department of Public Works (“UCPW”) hereby requests qualified consultants to submit an SOQ for land surveying, geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, specialized inspection, and property acquisition services. These services are anticipated to be utilized in support of projects identified in the UCPW 2011 Comprehensive Water and Wastewater Master Plan (the “2011 Master Plan”), subsequent amendments/updates, the adopted Capital Improvement Plan (“CIP”), and others as identified at the discretion of UCPW. UCPW reserves the right to seek professional services through a separate RFQ for any project, whether identified or unidentified within the master plan or CIP documents, at their discretion.