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Union County, North Carolina

RFQ 2017-035 Agricultural Center Pavilion Complex

RFQ 2017-035

RFQ 2017-035 Agricultural Center Pavilion Complex

Date Issued: 03/10/17

Date Due: 04/07/17

Union County completed a needs assessment in 2014 to evaluate the feasibility of constructing a livestock and equestrian arena complex to include ancillary facilities. The assessment concluded that there was sufficient community support for the project to move forward under a phased development strategy. Since then, a sub-committee from the Agriculture Advisory Board has researched other similar facilities in the region and is now prepared to move forward with the next phase of work. Submittals made in response to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) will be reviewed by a team and ranked based on criteria identified herein. A short-list of firms may be made based on a review of the qualifications. At the discretion of Union County, firms may also be interviewed.