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Union County, North Carolina

Yard/Pallet Waste Grinding/Processing Services


Yard/Pallet Waste Grinding/Processing Services

Date Issued: 12/14/15

Date Due: 12/14/15

The SWMF, located at 2125 Austin Chaney Road, Wingate, North Carolina, accepts yard debris and wood pallets from local residents and businesses as a part of our Type I Composting permit at the facility. The yard waste and pallets are stockpiled at our Type I Composting Operations Site as required by NCDENR and efforts are made to keep the material clean of other solid waste materials upon acceptance. However, the County will provide an open top container to the contractor for the separation of any other solid waste materials identified within the yard waste materials or wood pallet stockpile for proper disposal at our C&D Landfill. The average in-coming tonnage for yard waste materials is approximately 320 tons/month and in FY 2015 the SWMF accepted 3870.08 tons. The average in-coming tonnage for pallet materials is approximately 20 tons/month and in FY 2015 the SWMF accepted 237.56 tons.