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Union County, North Carolina

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Pools, Tattoos and Institutions

Pools, Tattoos and Institutions

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools can be the source of many diseases and injuries, such as Giardia, Cryptosporidia and E. coli as well as slips, falls and accidental entrapment. Please remember that NO Public Swimming Pool shall operate unless the owner or operator has an Operation Permit issued yearly by this department. Plans and specification for Public Swimming Pools shall be prepared by a registered design professional, and shall be approved by Environmental Health prior to construction. Public Swimming Pools shall be constructed by swimming pool contractors licensed by the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors.

Tattoos and Permanent Makeup

Union County enforces 15A NCAC 18A.3200 which regulates tattoo and permanent makeup facilities. Our goal is to ensure that anyone receiving tattoo or permanent makeup services, does so in a safe and sanitary environment.

To obtain a tattooing permit, a person must return a completed Tattoo Application to Union County Environmental Health Department. Upon receipt of the application, the Department shall inspect the premises, instruments, utensils, equipment and procedures of the applicant to determine whether the applicant meets the requirements for a tattooing permit. If the applicant meets these requirements, the Department shall issue a permit to the applicant. A permit is valid for one year and must be renewed annually by applying to Union County Environment Health Department for a permit renewal.

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Contact information

Ellen Reynolds
Environmental Health Supervisor

Phone: 704-283-3826

About Public Swimming Pools, Tattoos and institutions

All public swimming pools, including neighborhood and apartment complex pools, are regulated and inspected by Environmental Health. The purpose of our program is to ensure the safe and sanitary operation of public swimming facilities, as well as to prevent the possible transmission of diseases and illnesses. Swimming pools have a mix of both potential health and safety dangers. Inspections are conducted to ensure that chemical levels are sufficient to protect bathers from most harmful organisms, and physical hazards as well as ensure adequate safety equipment is present.