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Union County, North Carolina

Cane Creek Annual Camp Site Reservation Form

Use this form to request an annual camp site at Cane Creek.

Please read all information prior to sending in request form.


  • Annual sites are leased to applicants for a one-year period. If agreed on by both parties, a second year lease may be authorized. This is the maximum time the site can be leased by the applicant. The applicant may return to the “waiting list” at the end of his/her current lease.
  • $200.00 key/security deposit required. Annual sites are: Non-waterfront -- $1,750.00 resident or $2000.00 non-resident, or Waterfront -- $2250.00 resident or $2500.00 nonresident.
  • Duke Power electrical meter accounts are to be changed into camper’s name.
  • All annual sites leased at Cane Creek Park are for the purpose of recreational camping, and not for the purpose of a principal residence.
  • A document from your tax assessor’s office showing permanent residence will be required or an executed lease if renting.
  • No buildings or site improvements are permitted without advance written consent.
  • Upon receipt of completed form, the requestor’s name will be added to the waiting list.

Once the above form is completed it will automatically be sent to Cane Creek's Operations Center. If you have any questions please contact them.


Fax: 704-843-4046

Phone: 704-843-3919 (Ext. 24)