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Union County, North Carolina

Union County 2050 Comprehensive Plan

Union County 2050 Comprehensive Plan

Union County is currently updating its comprehensive plan, which is called Union County 2050. A comprehensive plan is a multi-disciplinary document, establishing a vision of the community in the future, with recommendations for infrastructure, land use, economic development, and environmental protection that help implement that vision. The most referenced aspect of the comprehensive plan is the land use map, but the recommendations in that map reflect community input, infrastructure capacity, and existing development patterns. The current comprehensive plan was adopted in 2014, and can be viewed here. Union County is a rapidly growing place, and the Board of County Commissioners have directed county staff to initiate a plan update to address issues related to growth.

The plan update process began in earnest in August 2019, when approximately 100 county and municipal leaders, staff, and interested citizens attended a two-day summit to hear from each of the municipalities on the visions for their communities. The county commission then provided guidance to county staff to develop a new comprehensive plan. This plan will take approximately one year to complete, and will be guided by a stakeholders committee and a series of subcommittees. The members of these committees were appointed on December 2, 2019, which will signify the official start to the plan.

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Contact for Union County 2050 Comprehensive Plan

Richard Black
Planning Director
Phone: 704-292-2580