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Union County, North Carolina



The public will have multiple opportunities to learn about the process and provide their input. There are six subcommittees that will focus on specific aspects of the plan and one coordinating committee that will consider input from each of the subcommittees to make overall recommendations to the Union County Planning Board and Board of Commissioners. Each of these committee meetings will be open to the public, although they will not necessarily have formal public comment periods.

The subcommittee descriptions are listed below.

  1. Citizens: Broadest of the groups. Any Union County resident can serve on this committee. Need an open perspective and not be a single-topic representative
  2. Agriculture: Farmers, forestry, and related industries
  3. Municipal/County Planning Staff: Limited to planning staff from each of the municipalities and the county. These members will serve as liaisons to the municipalities
  4. Environmental/Stormwater: Environmental protection and mitigation advocates, staff and experts
  5. Developer/Business: Land developers, builders, real estate agents, chamber of commerce, economic development and related representatives
  6. Infrastructure: Schools, water/sewer, and transportation experts and representatives

There will be community meetings held at three points in the process: in the beginning to help establish a vision to meet through the comprehensive plan recommendations, in the middle to review several alternative scenarios of how to implement the vision, and at the end where the preferred scenario and set of recommendations will be presented for feedback. You can be alerted to these meetings by emailing the County Planning Department to be added to our distribution list.

Union County planning staff are available to attend and present plan update materials to community and business groups throughout the county. If your neighborhood, municipality, business, or other organization would like a presentation at your meeting, please email Dick Black, Union County Planning Director, to request a presentation.

Contact for Union County 2050 Comprehensive Plan

Richard Black
Planning Director
Phone: 704-292-2580