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Union County, North Carolina



The Union County 2050 comprehensive plan update is being developed based on the schedule detailed below.

The six subcommittees are described below:

  • Citizens: Broadest of the groups. Any Union County resident can serve on this committee. Need an open perspective and not be a single-topic representative
  • Agriculture: Farmers, forestry, and related industries
  • Municipal/County Planning Staff: Limited to planning staff from each of the municipalities and the county. These members will serve as liaisons to the municipalities
  • Environmental/Stormwater: Environmental protection and mitigation advocates, staff and experts
  • Developer/Business: Land developers, builders, real estate agents, chamber of commerce, economic development and related representatives
  • Infrastructure: Schools, water/sewer, and transportation experts and representatives

These committees will meet monthly, and each meeting will be open to the public. Their work will be focused on addressing issues related to their focus areas, and recommending solutions to an overall coordinating committee.

The public will be asked for input at three stages in the process: visioning, alternatives, and overall plan. Community input meetings will be held at these important points, and you are encouraged to attend. Meetings will be disbursed throughout the county to accommodate local participation.

Contact for Union County 2050 Comprehensive Plan

Richard Black
Planning Director
Phone: 704-292-2580