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Union County, North Carolina

New Development

New Development

What permits and approvals are required?

Public Works, in conjunction with the Building Code Enforcement Division, has a one-stop permitting procedure for new development projects. All construction plans and fees are to be collected at the Building Code Enforcement Office.

What are the costs of the various permits and approvals?

TopicTypeFlat FeeVariable Fee
Engineering plan review feesResidential$100$20/lot
Commercial$100$10/1,000 sq. ft. of building
Stormwater - residentialGeneral$200$10/acre
General w/ detention$200$10/acre & $300/management facility
Minor revisions to approved plans$100
Major revisions to approved plans$350
Stormwater - non-residentialGeneral (1 acre minimum)$250
General w/ detention$250$300/management facility
Minor revision to approved plans$100
Major revision to approved plans$350
Floodplain reviewsMinor
Flood study, no rise$200$150/1,000 ft of study reach & $200/crossing
Major encroachment$200$250/1,000 ft of study reach & $200/crossing (per each CLOMR & LOMR)
Next revision-Half of the initial plan review fee
Each revision thereafter-Full plan review fee
Final plans - minor$25
Final plans - major-$10/lot or $150 if less than 15 lots w/ common area, roads, etc.
Surety review $150

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Contact Information

Crystal Panico
New Development Program Manager
Phone: 704-296-4239

Scott Huneycutt, PE
Engineering Division Director
Phone: 704-296-4211