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Union County, North Carolina

Crime Prevention Tips

Crime Prevention Tips

Every 17 seconds, a violent crime - murder, rape, robbery or assault - is reported to law enforcement somewhere in this country. And fewer than half the violent crimes that take place actually get reported. Nationally, more than 5,000 children are victims of violent crime each day. Somebody's child. Maybe a child you love.

People in even the toughest circumstance have turned the tables on violent crime and created safer neighborhoods and schools. You can, too, by protecting yourself and your children and getting involved in the community. Violence ruins individual lives, tears apart the fabric of our communities and makes the costs of law enforcement and emergency care soar.

Many calls to 911 can be traced back to signs of trouble, trouble that was allowed to continue: the rape that could have been prevented by better street lights, the domestic violence that could have been deterred by family counseling, a child brutally bullied who could have been protected by a concerned parent; a rash of burglaries that could have been prevented by an active community watch program. Creating a community that will not tolerate violent crime means bringing together vision, energy, confidence and commitment.

You need to reduce your family's risk of becoming crime victims. In order to go to work, attend school or church, or get together with friends, with reasonable safety, you need a neighborhood - not just a home - that's secure against crime. Your goal must be to build a strong community in which kids can be kids and adults can freely participate in neighborhood activities. What can you do? Here are specific ways to strengthen your community and stop the violence. Some can be done right away. Others take time. Some don't require any help, while others require advice or help from others.

For specific prevention tips, read the Crime Prevention Tips PDF linked above.