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Union County, North Carolina

Voting FAQs

How do I register to vote?

Registration application forms are available at the following locations:

  • All libraries in Union County
  • All high schools
  • All post offices and town halls
  • The Board of Elections office at 316 B East Windsor St in Monroe
  • Complete the application online
  • Mail to P.O. Box 1106, Monroe NC 28111

When are the primaries in Union County held?

Primaries are normally held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in May of even numbered years and the second primary (run-off, if required) is seven or ten weeks later.

How can I learn more about the candidates?

By contacting the individual party headquarters:

Democratic Party

Nancy Rorie, Chairman
224 Trinity Ch Rd
Monroe, NC 28112
Home Phone: 704-764-3785
Cell Phone: 704-219-8821

Libertarian Party

Tom Hohman
10400 Waxhaw Manor Dr.
Waxhaw, NC 28173

Republican Party

Daniel Barry, Chairman
8207 Lake Providence Dr.
Matthews, NC 28104
704-287-8256 cell
704-556-4106 work

How can I vote if I will be out of Union County on Election Day?

I-You may request an absentee ballot by mail, e-mail or by fax. Simply complete an ABSENTEE Ballot Request form available on our website or from our office.

II-Or, you may vote during the “One-Stop Voting” prior to Election Day. Visit our website for scheduling.

Can I vote early? When? Where? Hours?

Any voter in the county may vote early at any “One-Stop Voting” location (see our web site for locations and hours). There is no One-Stop voting on the Monday before Election Day. All voters who have not voted by close of “Early Voting” on the Saturday before the election must go to their assigned precincts on Tuesday (Election Day) to vote.

How can I find where I should vote?

How many precincts are there in Union County?

There are 52 precincts in Union County.

See precinct locations

I would like to work at the polls on Election Day and want to know how to apply?

  • Call the Chairman of your party and request to work
  • Fill out and submit the Precinct Official application
  • By calling the Board of Elections office at 704-283-3809

If I am 17 years old, when can I register to vote?

If you will be 18 years old on or before the General Election you may register and vote in the Primary Election. You will not be allowed to vote in the Primary for any “special referendums” that would be on the ballot.

Are we using paper ballots or electronic voting equipment in this year’s elections?

Paper ballots are used on Election Day. Electronic Voting Equipment is used for One-Stop Voting.

What is the date of the General/Presidential Election?

The General or Presidential Election is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of even numbered years. The Presidential Election is every four (4) years and the last Presidential Election was in 2016.

How do I change my address if I have moved?

When you move within a county, you should complete an in-county change of address. This can be completed on your voter identification card, a signed letter to your local board of elections, or on the form specified above.

When you move from one county to another, you will need to apply for voter registration in your new county of residence. Use the form specified above, request that an application be mailed to you, or pick up a form at any local board of elections or public library. Note that when you move within the State, the law requires that you update the address on your driver's license within 60 days. When you obtain a duplicate drivers license, you may also elect to update your voter registration information as well.

More information

When is the last day to register to vote?

Registrations and changes must be made twenty-five (25) days before each election.

How do I change my party affiliation?

A voter registration form is used to change your party affiliation. This change must be made twenty-five (25) days before the election. Please do not fax party changes, we must have voter’s original signature to process the application.

Do I need a voter card to vote?

No voter card is required to vote in North Carolina

If I am registered “Unaffiliated”, can I vote in the Primary Election?

Yes, you may vote. In the Primary, “unaffiliated” voters may choose a party (Democratic, Libertarian or Republican). If there is a second primary (run-off), unaffiliated voters will vote the same party chosen in the Primary.

I was convicted of a felony and have served my sentence as required by law. Can I register to vote?

Yes, a felon whose rights have been restored may register and vote.

I have registered to vote, so will I receive a Voter Registration Card?

Yes, you will receive a voter Registration card in about two weeks after your registration is received at the Board of Elections’ office.

Where can I find a sample ballot?

You may view or print a copy of your sample ballot by checking your voter information

What hours are the polls open on Election Day?

The polls are open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. on Election Day

Do I have to show my ID at the polls?

Please visit for more information.