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Union County, North Carolina

Library Presents Arrowheads and Artifacts

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Library Presents Arrowheads and Artifacts

Posted on 06/16/15

June 16, 2015, Monroe, NC – Don’t miss the family-friendly opportunity to see an amazing collection of arrowheads and other artifacts, hear from the expert collector and watch, in person, as arrowheads are created at 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 20 at the Monroe Library at 316 E. Windsor Street.

Local arrowhead collector Chris Hendrix will display a portion of his extensive collection of Native American artifacts. Hendrix has been a lifelong collector of these materials and is considered one of the top local experts on how and where to search for arrowheads and other artifacts. His collection of pristine artifacts numbers in the thousands and includes not just arrowheads, but knives, axes, and much more.

During his presentation, Hendrix will discuss the history and significance of the pieces in his collection and advise participants on how and where to begin their own collections. After his presentation, Hendrix will host a question and answer session and evaluate artifacts brought by visitors. Finally, at the conclusion of the program, Hendrix will give away a small plaque of arrowheads to one or two lucky people.

Also on hand will be Clarence Cameron, an expert in the ancient art of “knapping”, the method Native Americans used to create arrowheads and other tools by chipping away pieces of stone. There are very few who still practice knapping, so this is a rare opportunity to see how arrowheads are created firsthand.

This program is ideal for families and visitors of all ages. Plan to arrive early or stay after the presentation to view this amazing collection and to see the knapping demonstration.

For more information please contact: Chris Michaelson at 704-283-8184 or